International and Intercultural Teamwork

For team leaders and team members (in English)

International business increasingly requires the work with or in international and incultural teams. To know about the cultural differences and what effect they can have on the behavior of team members, on the communication and consequently on the collaboration of teams, is useful both for team leaders and for team members. International teams tend to work virtually at times. It is therefore helpful to have a clear picture of the challenges, the opportunities and the synergies of virtual teams.


  • To get cross-cultural competence
  • To train useful English skills
  • To become aware of cultural diversities in teams
  • To deal with face-to-face and virtual international teams


  • Reflexion of own culture and cultural differences
  • Types of cultures and consequences on teamwork
  • The specifics of international/intercultural teams
  • Face-to-face versus virtual teamwork
  • The different roles in international/intercultural teams


  • Theoretical inputs
  • Roleplays and feedback
  • Cross-cultural training exercises

Target group

  • Team leaders and team members working with or in international teams
  • REMARK: Das Training wird auf Englisch gehalten. Auch wenn Sie das Gefühl haben, dass Ihre Sprachkenntnisse dafür noch nicht ausreichen, können Sie teilnehmen. Sie erhalten dann individuelle Unterstützung in der Vorbereitung und während des Trainings.


2 days

DI Ursula Kopp, MSc